Find out why contractors and specifiers are talking about DetectaShield.

DetectaShield is one of the most affordable and durable detectable warning systems available!

DetectaShield Features

  1. Compliant with the 2010 ADA Standards for Accessible Design & Accessibility Guidelines

  2. Dual traction design - Located on both truncated domes and bands of panel surface

  3. Smooth dome sides increase audibility when cane strikes the surface

  4. Durability - Freeze/Thaw .09% avg. exceeds ASTM C1372-04 requirement of <1%

  5. Strength - 6,000 PSI far exceeds ASTM C-39 requirement of 3,500 PSI

  6. UV resistant - does not degrade in sunlight

  7. Chemical resistant - designed to resist the most corrosive of substances

  8. Sealed concrete - designed to stand the test of time

  9. Expansion - Expands and contracts with the surrounding concrete: .007in/10 ft/10ºF

  10. Fiber reinforced - alkaline resistant glass fiber concrete for toughness

  11. Non-combustible

  12. Safe and eco-friendly

  13. Made in the USA

DetectaShield Distributors:

     Logan Contractors Supply

     Construction Materials, Inc.

     Stetson Building Products

     Jasper Construction Services, Inc.

DOT Approvals

Our panels are designed to help visually impaired individuals easily detect intersections by foot or cane and allow cities and states to comply with the Americans with Disabilities Act Section 4.29.2. We have been producing these ADA panels for nearly a decade and have sold more than 50,000 pieces.  They have been approved by the following DOTs, and we are pursuing official approvals across the country.

  1. Alabama

  2. Illinois - our panels meet the Illinois DOT standard specifications

  3. Mississippi

  4. Missouri

  5. Nebraska

  6. North Carolina

  7. Tennessee

DetectaShield Testing Information:

   Compression Strength:          ASTM C-39 Requirement            DetectaShield                      

                                                             3,500 PSI                           6,000 + PSI                      

   Freeze/Thaw Durability:     ASTM C1372-04 Requirement         DetectaShield

                                                                 1.0%                                    .09%* 

Download: DetectaShield brochure.pdf

Download: DetectaShield Technical Information.pdf

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